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Jeanpierre’s strong guitar technique earns acclaim from flamenco artists, professional guitarists, and record producers. His early training in guitar included casual lessons from gypsies in France, Belgium and Spain.  Over decades of guitar playing, Jeanpierre created his own style, fusing Moorish, Arabic and Latin styles with traditional flamenco sounds.  His catching “picado,” dramatic “rasqueados,” driving rumba catalan and original music make him a sought after flamenco accompanist, as well as solo guitarist.  Jeanpierre has performed for clients such as Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Gladys Night ,Usher and the popular Spanish painter Alvar.  Off the stage, he has played on remixes for major label artists including Enrique Iglesias, Anna Voctoria, Carrie Underwood and Jessie J.  He is also a former instructor of guitar at the Lubeek Consortium in Belgium.

JeanPierre V.

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